Port of Rethymno ( Marina of Rethymno)

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Rethymno is halfway from both Heraklion and Chania and constitutes the 3rd biggest town located in Crete. Regarding the transportation, the city is connected by road to Heraklion and Chania via the National Road. The city has two ports, the old called the ‘’Venetian port’’ as well and the new port of Rethymno where nowadays commercial vessel routes are operating from.
During the conquest by the Venetians (13th century), Rethymno experienced a period of growth when it was decided to act as an extra station for commercial trading between the two most important cities of the time, Heraklion and Chania. In general, the Venetians built most of the monuments in town that is, also, possible to visit today. The Fortezza of Rethymno is the town’s castle and was built as a defence strategy opposite the Ottomans on the 16th century. The Great Gate was the main entrance to the old town’s walls and still remains at its old place. The “Neratzes” mosque used to be the Santa Maria church but when the Ottomans or Turks conquered the area around 1650, the church was turned into a mosque. Then, many people left the town of Rethymno and the economy fell into a decreasing period.
Newest facts
The economy of Rethymno is based on tourism, as there are many attractions, a long sandy beach and a powerful hotel infrastructure. The port is close to the center of the old town, just 5 minutes walk away. Numerous shops for souvenirs make the town colorful. There you will have the opportunity to explore all the monuments, museums and then relax with a coffee to one of the plethora of cafes or enjoying a Cretan – cuisine meal to the local restaurants that are located to the Venetian harbor. Rethymno surprises its visitors with the beauty, sights and attractions they will encounter along all of its streets.  If you want to discover Rethymno a bit more you will find many picturesque, authentic villages outside of the old town and to the east is accommodated the longest beach in Crete (12km) that awaits you.
Local products
Agriculture is notable, especially for olive oil. Other famous local products are cheese, herbs, spice mixes used in Cretan recipes, teas and wine.
Rethymno is one of the five municipalities of the regional unit Rethymno and its capital. The rest of the municipalities are Agios Vasileios, Amari, Anogeia and Mylopotamos. What a better idea if after some days in the old town consider the experience of one day tour to Santorini from the Port of Rethymno! Seajets gives you the opportunity to be in less than two hours in Thira, so make the decision and board on our high-speed vessel!

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